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  1. Dan Drenger says:

    Hi Yaniv. Eytan told me about your trip at dinner the other night. I’m gonna start following. All the bear, Dan

  2. lden says:

    Congratulations! when you come back to Chico, we’ll go for a ride!

  3. eran says:

    Shalom Yaniv
    great trip, keep on rocking
    if u r passing by Mexico again u r welcome
    take care

  4. Yoni says:

    Hi Yaniv and Erica. Following your ride from far. Great stuff.
    I’d like to invite you to visit my trip blog, (Your pic is there already- put by Adam Shani) and as I’m hosting other riders, maybe put in a short post of your own (Hebrew:))


  5. Oded Shoham says:

    You two are amazing!!! Good for you!!! LIVE IT UP!!!!

  6. Yoav says:

    Hi Yaniv I intend to start my ride ( the same ) from alaska to south america on this August . I have many questions to u . are you intend to be in california around this August ? can i meet u there ?
    do you have a mail ?

    • admin says:

      Hi Yoav!

      sounds awesome! I’d love to meet you and help out in whatever way I can.

      I will be in CA from next week till Aug 20th. We work for most of june and july but should be free in the beginning of August.

      What do you ride?

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