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Argentina One, Part Two: An Introduction to Patagonian Hospitality

I already wrote about the correlation between how nice a car is and how unlikely it is for the driver to stop and pick you up, and now I can see that the same thing is true for how nice … Continue reading

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Argentina One, Part One: Crossing the Andes

After climbing all the way from the Pan-American and Osorno in Chile, and after exiting Chile, we were still climbing with the Argentinian Immigration offices nowhere in sight. For maybe 15 or 20 miles we enjoyed the thought that we … Continue reading

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Drinking and driving in Santa Cruz, Chile

From Santiago we decided to head towards the famous wine growing region. The landscape is gentle and pastoral, lots of green fields and cottonwood trees. The small town of Santa Cruz boasts many famous wineries and we were excited to … Continue reading

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Feel the Sunshine – Santiago, Chile / Erika Rowe

Pulling into Santiago was wonderful. It is a beautiful city, very European with lots of fountains and parks and tree lined streets. We couchsurfed with a great American guy named Eric. He lives in a fantastic light-filled apartment in a … Continue reading

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The Atacama Desert and Northern Chile / Erika Rowe

The border crossing into Chile was quick and painless. A little paperwork, a little luggage checking, and we were through. We rode the few kilometers into Arica and started looking for a hostel. I was in the mood for camping. … Continue reading

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The Tire Saga: Same Week, different view point / Erika Rowe

As I watched Yaniv’s bus dwindle into the vast silence of the surrounding desert I considered my new situation. Alone, 60 miles of dirt road away from the closest town, in a house servicing the road company AGVP workers. Not … Continue reading

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The Tire Saga: Part Two / Yaniv Singer

Next morning I packed a big backpack and walked with Erika to the road. For 3 hours we stood there. Perhaps 10 cars passed but no one stopped. At 4 pm a bus passed. I paid 100 peso and got … Continue reading

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The Tire Saga: Part One / Yaniv Singer

The first time we started to notice the wear on our rear tires was around Santiago, Chile, after roughly twelve thousand miles of riding. Though we saw the tires we needed in more than one place, without even searching for … Continue reading

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Strange, Long, and Stunning: The Peruvian desert

We didn’t know it at the time, but the surrounding area of Cuenca would be the last time we would see high peaks and lush countryside with scores of white, thin, waterfalls all around you. Instead, the ugliness of Macara … Continue reading

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Such Great Heights-Ecuador / Erika Rowe & Yaniv Singer

What exactly does the guide book mean when it says “watch out for the moneychangers at the border, they will try to cheat you.” Let me tell you. At the border between Colombia and Ecuador we realized what we should … Continue reading

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