The plan was this, leave for a 10 month ride from Chico, CA and find our way down to Tierra Del Fuego, maybe Antartica, then up into Brazil. Maybe sell the bikes there or ride back if we have enough time. I’m 25, my fiancee is 31, and this is sort of our big, let’s risk our lives before having kids blow-out trip. Originally, we wanted to travel across China into Europe. However, I JUST learned how to ride, neither of us have any mechanical experience, and the culture gap was too wide and too scary to attempt that. I figured if I punk out, better to do it closer to home.

In the months before the trip (we  moved back from Israel to start planning) I took a MSF course, bought three BMW F650GS Dakars on Craigslist (long story) sold one of the bikes (and made 1k off of it) bought oodles of shit for our bikes and our selves, and spent the  last week changing parts, getting to know our bikes and making sure I can pull a U-turn. Which I had a really hard time. I’m 5′ 8″ and even with a lowered seat I can only get a few toes on the ground. Maybe some other ladies or vertically challenged folk can give me some hints? I have dropped my bike (shasta) like a million times now, and while she doesn’t show any scratches yet, my nerves are getting shot.

Let the adventures begin!

Erika Rowe and Yaniv Singer

P.S. We are currently in Bolivia, at the end of a very long, challenging, rewarding trip. Looking back at what I wrote at the beginning makes me wonder how we ever got so far. All that’s left now is to sell the bikes and buy the return tickets home.

Oh yeah, we also have to finish writing up the last three months of the trip.

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